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Cover Title Type ▼ Artist Name Release Year First Charted High Pos.
Watch The Red by The Angels Watch The Red Album The Angels 1983 09/05/83 6
Watch The World by The Little Heroes Watch The World Album The Little Heroes 1983 26/09/83 50
Wa Wa Nee  by Wa Wa Nee Wa Wa Nee Album Wa Wa Nee 1986 17/11/86 29
We Know What You're Up To by Rogue Traders We Know What You're Up To Album Rogue Traders 2003
Welcome To wherever You Are by INXS Welcome To wherever You Are Album INXS 1992 17/08/92 3
West Of The World by The Dugites West Of The World Album The Dugites 1981 13/07/81 31
What A Life! by Divinyls What A Life! Album Divinyls 1985 11/11/85 4
What Is A Question Album The Questions 1966
What You Give Is What You Get by Uncanny X Men What You Give Is What You Get Album Uncanny X Men 1986 10/11/86 19
Where Do They Go? by Mi-Sex Where Do They Go? Album Mi-Sex 1983 21/11/83 80
Whip It Out by Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons Whip It Out Album Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons 1977 12/12/77 98
Whispering Jack by John Farnham Whispering Jack Album John Farnham 1986 20/10/86 1
White Noise by Avion White Noise Album Avion 1987
Who Is Who by Barry Leef Who Is Who Album Barry Leef 2023
Who Made Who by AC/DC Who Made Who Album AC/DC 1986 30/06/86 4
Why Fight It? Album Mondo Rock 1991
WHY MARCH WHEN YOU CAN RIOT?! An Aberrant Collection by Johnny Dole & The Scabs WHY MARCH WHEN YOU CAN RIOT?! An Aberrant Collection Album Johnny Dole & The Scabs 1985
Wildcat Album Sunnyboys 1989 21/08/89 81
Windchase by Sebastian Hardie Windchase Album Sebastian Hardie 1976 16/02/76 66
Winning Days by The Vines Winning Days Album The Vines 2004
Woman You're Breaking Me by The Groop Woman You're Breaking Me Album The Groop 1967
Word Of Mouth by Matt Finish Word Of Mouth Album Matt Finish 1984 28/05/84 25
World Gone Crazy by The Screaming Jets World Gone Crazy Album The Screaming Jets 1997
Worlds Away by Ian Moss Worlds Away Album Ian Moss 1991 04/11/91 41
Worse Than Perfect by The Survivors Worse Than Perfect Album The Survivors 1988
X by INXS X Album INXS 1990 22/10/90 1
Xenophobia (Why?) by Spy Vs Spy Xenophobia (Why?) Album Spy Vs Spy 1988 21/03/88 15
You Need Professional Help Album The Party Boys 1985 02/12/85 96
You Only Think Twice by The Thought Criminals You Only Think Twice Album The Thought Criminals 1981
Yours Truly by Air Supply Yours Truly Album Air Supply 2001