Also appeared as "Indelible Murtceps".

Spectrum has 8 known members

Name Instruments Period
Mike Rudd Mike Rudd Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar 1969 -
Bill Putt Bill Putt Bass 1969 -
Lee Neale Keyboards 1969 - 1972
Mark Kennedy Mark Kennedy Drums 1969 - 1970
Ray Arnott Ray Arnott Drums 1970 - 1970
John Mills Keyboards 1972 - 1973
Daryl Roberts Keyboards 1999 -
Peter "Robbo" Robertson Drums, Percussion 1999 -

Spectrum discography - 5 recordings

Cover Title Type Release Year First Charted High Pos.
I'll Be Gone by Spectrum I'll Be Gone
Single 1971 11/01/71 4
Spectrum Part One by Spectrum Spectrum Part One
Album 1971 05/04/71 21
Milesago by Spectrum Milesago
Album 1971 06/12/71 16
Warts Up Your Nose by Spectrum Warts Up Your Nose
Album 1972 24
Testimonial by Spectrum Testimonial
Album 1973 23/07/73 17

11 Known Gigs for Spectrum

Date Venue City
Saturday 8th August 1970 Cathedral Hall Fitzroy, VIC
Thursday 31st December 1970 Launching Place Festival Launching Place, VIC
Myponga Music Festival, Myponga. SA Saturday 30th January 1971 Myponga Music Festival Myponga, SA
Myponga Music Festival, Myponga. SA Sunday 31st January 1971 Myponga Music Festival Myponga, SA
Sunday 2nd May 1971 Berties Melbourne, VIC
Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne. VIC Friday 14th May 1971 Melbourne Town Hall Melbourne, VIC
Friday 17th September 1971 Orama Ballroom

Pickled PY Festival

Footscray, VIC
Sunbury Pop Festival, Sunbury. VIC Saturday 29th January 1972 Sunbury Pop Festival Sunbury, VIC
Sunday 30th January 1972 Meadows Technicolour Fair Meadows, SA
Chequers, Sydney. NSW Friday 10th March 1972 Chequers Sydney, NSW
Bungool Festival Of Music, Bungool. NSW Sunday 31st December 1972 Bungool Festival Of Music Bungool, NSW