Rogue Traders

Rogue Traders
8 Members 18 Recordings

Pop/Rock/Dance bands from 2002 - Present

Rogue Traders has 8 known members

James Ash
James Ash

Keyboards 2002 - 2012 More...

Steve Davis

Guitar 2002 - 2005 More...

Cameron McGlinchey
Cameron McGlinchey

Drums 2005 - 2008 More...

Tim Henwood

Guitar 2006 - More...

Danny Spencer
Danny Spencer

Guitar 2008 - 2008 More...

Peter Marin

Drums 2009 - More...

Rogue Traders discography - 18 recordings

Give In To Me by Rogue Traders
Give In To Me

CD Single - Peaked at 67th position.

Stay? by Rogue Traders

CD Single - Peaked at 60th position.

One Of My Kind by Rogue Traders
One Of My Kind

CD Single - Peaked at 10th position.

Voodoo Child by Rogue Traders
Voodoo Child

CD Single - Peaked at 4th position.

Way to Go! by Rogue Traders
Way to Go!

CD Single - Peaked at 7th position.

Here Come The Drums by Rogue Traders
Here Come The Drums

Album - Peaked at 2nd position.

We're Coming Home by Rogue Traders
We're Coming Home

CD Single - Peaked at 14th position.

Watching You by Rogue Traders
Watching You

CD Single - Peaked at 5th position.

Don't You Wanna Feel by Rogue Traders
Don't You Wanna Feel

CD Single - Peaked at 10th position.

Better In The Dark by Rogue Traders
Better In The Dark

Album - Peaked at 4th position.

What You're On by Rogue Traders
What You're On

CD Single - Peaked at 30th position.

I Never Liked You by Rogue Traders
I Never Liked You

CD Single - Peaked at 9th position.

Love Is A War by Rogue Traders
Love Is A War

CD Single - Peaked at 90th position.

Would You Raise Your Hands? by Rogue Traders
Would You Raise Your Hands?

CD Single - Peaked at 95th position.

Hearts Beat As One by Rogue Traders
Hearts Beat As One

CD Single -

The Sound Of Drums by Rogue Traders
The Sound Of Drums

Double Album -