Selina's - Coogee Bay Hotel

Selina's - Coogee Bay Hotel, Coogee. NSW 233 Gigs

253 Coogee Bay Road

Coogee, NSW

233 Known Gigs for Selina's - Coogee Bay Hotel

Date Band
Rose Tattoo Thursday 1st May 1980 Rose Tattoo
The Lonely Hearts Thursday 1st May 1980 The Lonely Hearts
Ward 13 Thursday 1st May 1980 Ward 13
Mental As Anything Saturday 17th May 1980 Mental As Anything
Mi-Sex Friday 23rd May 1980 Mi-Sex
Cold Chisel Friday 6th June 1980 Cold Chisel
INXS Saturday 5th July 1980 INXS
Peculiar Clerk Friday 25th July 1980 Peculiar Clerk
Saturday 26th July 1980 The 88's
INXS Friday 1st August 1980 INXS
Matt Finish Saturday 2nd August 1980 Matt Finish
Friday 15th August 1980 Damaged Goods
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 16th August 1980 The Lonely Hearts

Early Show

INXS Friday 22nd August 1980 INXS
Midnight Oil Saturday 21st February 1981 Midnight Oil
Cold Chisel Wednesday 11th March 1981 Cold Chisel
Boys Saturday 2nd May 1981 Boys
Cold Chisel Wednesday 20th May 1981 Cold Chisel
The Lonely Hearts Friday 29th May 1981 The Lonely Hearts
INXS Friday 12th June 1981 INXS
Sunnyboys Friday 10th July 1981 Sunnyboys
INXS Friday 13th November 1981 INXS

Black Friday Show

The Lonely Hearts Saturday 14th November 1981 The Lonely Hearts
The Radiators Saturday 14th November 1981 The Radiators
The Angels Sunday 29th November 1981 The Angels
INXS Saturday 2nd January 1982 INXS
Mondo Rock Saturday 23rd January 1982 Mondo Rock
The Lonely Hearts Friday 29th January 1982 The Lonely Hearts
Friday 29th January 1982 Vixen
Heaven Friday 29th January 1982 Heaven