Sydney based band 1980-1984, 1987-1989, 1991

Sunnyboys has 7 known members

Name Instruments Period
Jeremy Oxley Jeremy Oxley Guitar, Vocals 1980 - 1991
Richard Burgman Guitar 1980 - 1984
Peter Oxley Bass 1980 - 1984
Bil Bilson Drums 1980 - 1984
Nick Freedman Guitar 1987 - 1989
Bill Smith Bass 1987 - 1989
Peter Hincenbergs Drums 1987 - 1989

Sunnyboys discography - 14 recordings

Cover Title Type Release Year First Charted High Pos.
Happy Man by Sunnyboys Happy Man
Single 1981 06/07/81 26
Sunnyboys by Sunnyboys Sunnyboys
Album 1981 28/09/81 13
Alone With You by Sunnyboys Alone With You
Single 1981 26/10/81 28
You Need A Friend by Sunnyboys You Need A Friend
Single 1982 10/05/82 38
Individuals by Sunnyboys Individuals
Album 1982 31/05/82 23
Show Me Some Discipline by Sunnyboys Show Me Some Discipline
Single 1983 04/07/83 44
Love In A Box by Sunnyboys Love In A Box
Single 1984 05/03/84 46
Get Some Fun by Sunnyboys Get Some Fun
Album 1984 23/04/84 36
Real Live Sunnyboys
Album 1984
Days Are Gone
Album 1985
Album 1989 21/08/89 81
Play The Best
Album 1991
Shakin' Live - 1991
Album 1993
This Is Real
Album 2004

17 Known Gigs for Sunnyboys

Date Venue City
Thursday 11th September 1980 Rock Garden

Stuart Coupe's Birthday Party

Kings Cross, NSW
Sgt Pepper's Rock Café, Kings Cross. NSW Friday 27th March 1981 Sgt Pepper's Rock Café Kings Cross, NSW
War and Peace, Parramatta. NSW Thursday 28th May 1981 War and Peace Parramatta, NSW
Manly Vale Hotel, Manly Vale. NSW Saturday 6th June 1981 Manly Vale Hotel Manly Vale, NSW
Bexley North Hotel, Bexley North. NSW Saturday 27th June 1981 Bexley North Hotel Bexley North, NSW
Family Inn, Rydalmere. NSW Tuesday 14th July 1981 Family Inn Rydalmere, NSW
Tanelorn Music Festival, Stroud. NSW Sunday 4th October 1981 Tanelorn Music Festival Stroud, NSW
Friday 18th December 1981 Palais Theatre St Kilda, VIC
Maroubra Seals Club, Maroubra. NSW Saturday 17th July 1982 Maroubra Seals Club Maroubra, NSW
Manly Vale Hotel, Manly Vale. NSW Friday 1st July 1983 Manly Vale Hotel Manly Vale, NSW
Blacktown RSL, Blacktown. NSW Saturday 2nd July 1983 Blacktown RSL Blacktown, NSW
Balmain Leagues Club, Balmain. NSW Friday 9th December 1983 Balmain Leagues Club Balmain, NSW
Manly Vale Hotel, Manly Vale. NSW Saturday 10th December 1983 Manly Vale Hotel Manly Vale, NSW
Sunday 11th December 1983 St George Sailing Club Sans Souci, NSW
Friday 16th December 1983 Cronulla Workers Club Cronulla, NSW
Blacktown RSL, Blacktown. NSW Saturday 17th December 1983 Blacktown RSL Blacktown, NSW
Selina's - Coogee Bay Hotel, Coogee. NSW Wednesday 25th January 1989 Selina's - Coogee Bay Hotel Coogee, NSW