Vicar Of Wakefield Hotel

271 New Line Rd

Dural, NSW

40 Known Gigs for Vicar Of Wakefield Hotel

Date Band
Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Friday 24th October 1975 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)

7pm - 10pm

Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Wednesday 11th February 1976 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)
Matt Finish Friday 14th September 1979 Matt Finish
Dee Minor and The Dischords Wednesday 27th February 1980 Dee Minor and The Dischords
Friday 7th March 1980 The States

With The Clones

The Clones Friday 7th March 1980 The Clones
Saturday 8th March 1980 Personnel

With Matt Finish & The Clones

Friday 16th May 1980 The Eyes
Outline Friday 16th May 1980 Outline
Mental As Anything Saturday 31st May 1980 Mental As Anything
Icehouse Saturday 31st May 1980 Icehouse (formerly Flowers)
Cold Chisel Thursday 26th June 1980 Cold Chisel
The Clones Friday 3rd October 1980 The Clones
Mad Gorilla Saturday 8th November 1980 Mad Gorilla
Wednesday 12th November 1980 The Automatix
Friday 14th November 1980 Vibrators
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 20th December 1980 The Lonely Hearts
INXS Saturday 24th January 1981 INXS
Dee Minor and The Dischords Friday 1st May 1981 Dee Minor and The Dischords
INXS Thursday 7th May 1981 INXS
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 30th May 1981 The Lonely Hearts
Lime Spiders Saturday 13th June 1981 Lime Spiders
Peculiar Clerk Saturday 13th June 1981 Peculiar Clerk
Dee Minor and The Dischords Saturday 1st August 1981 Dee Minor and The Dischords
Peculiar Clerk Saturday 1st August 1981 Peculiar Clerk
INXS Saturday 7th November 1981 INXS
Saturday 2nd January 1982 Prezence
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 2nd January 1982 The Lonely Hearts
Cold Chisel Friday 25th June 1982 Cold Chisel
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 31st July 1982 The Lonely Hearts