Vicar Of Wakefield Hotel

42 Gigs

271 New Line Rd

Dural, NSW

42 Known Gigs for Vicar Of Wakefield Hotel

Date Band
Cold Chisel Friday 25th June 1982 Cold Chisel
Saturday 31st July 1982 Sweet Poison
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 31st July 1982 The Lonely Hearts
Friday 5th November 1982 Just Die Young
Dee Minor and The Dischords Friday 5th November 1982 Dee Minor and The Dischords
Saturday 6th November 1982 Total Fire Band
INXS Friday 3rd December 1982 INXS
Friday 10th December 1982 The Raiders
Dragon Friday 10th December 1982 Dragon
Saturday 11th December 1982 Just Die Young
The Numbers Saturday 11th December 1982 The Numbers
Friday 19th August 1983 Hat Trick