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William_shakespeare Do you remember William Shakespeare who sang My Little Angel? When he was plain old John Cave he was in a band called The Amazons. That band once had a bass player called Harry Brus.

Harry went on to play in Australian Crawl who had an album called Boys Light Up. That album was produced by David Briggs who was a guitarist in Little River Band. LRB had a drummer called Derek Pellici who was once in Blackfeather which also featured a bass player called... Harry Brus.

Now do you get it? It's all about the relationships and the "family tree" that make up the Australian Music Scene.

Contains: 1901 Bands, 3214 People, 2730 Recordings, 4230 Chart Listings, 209 Record Labels, 2071 Venues and 17007 Gigs

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Dragon Dragon
45 gigs. 13 members. 34 recordings.
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2 gigs. 6 members. 44 recordings.
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56 gigs. 10 members. 19 recordings.
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10 gigs. 8 members. 5 recordings.
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908 gigs. 10 members. 30 recordings.
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39 gigs. 14 members. 5 recordings.
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36 gigs. 2 members. 5 recordings.
Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls
13 gigs. 3 members. 2 recordings.
Hoodoo Gurus Hoodoo Gurus
37 gigs. 9 members. 16 recordings.
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Billy Field Billy Field
1 band. 4 recordings.
John Farnham John Farnham
2 bands. 2 gigs. 73 recordings.
Jon English Jon English
3 bands. 9 gigs. 18 recordings.
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3 bands. 2 gigs. 6 recordings.
Jimmy Barnes Jimmy Barnes
6 bands. 15 gigs. 16 recordings.
Jan Addele Jan Addele
Doug Parkinson Doug Parkinson
5 bands. 12 gigs. 12 recordings.
Stephen Cummings Stephen Cummings
3 bands. 12 gigs.
Geoff Harvey Geoff Harvey
Tony Deluca Tony Deluca
5 bands.