Here is a selection of gigs for Monday the 27th of June

Monday the 27th of June 1977

  • University Of New England, Armidale . NSW - Skyhooks

Monday the 27th of June 1983

  • Newcastle Workers Club, Newcastle. NSW - Rose Tattoo
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William shakespeare Do you remember William Shakespeare who sang My Little Angel? When he was plain old John Cave he was in a band called The Amazons. That band once had a bass player called Harry Brus.

Harry went on to play in Australian Crawl who had an album called Boys Light Up. That album was produced by David Briggs who was a guitarist in Little River Band. LRB had a drummer called Derek Pellici who was once in Blackfeather which also featured a bass player called... Harry Brus.

Now do you get it? It's all about the relationships and the "family tree" that make up the Australian Music Scene.

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