The 88's

12 Gigs

12 Known Gigs for The 88's

Date Venue City
Wednesday 27th February 1980 Maroubra Bay Hotel Maroubra, NSW
Strata Motor Inn, Cremorne. NSW Thursday 28th February 1980 Strata Motor Inn Cremorne, NSW
Friday 29th February 1980 Wollongong University Wollongong, NSW
Governor's Pleasure, The Rocks, Sydney. NSW Saturday 1st March 1980 Governor's Pleasure The Rocks, Sydney, NSW
Selina's - Coogee Bay Hotel, Coogee. NSW Saturday 26th July 1980 Selina's - Coogee Bay Hotel Coogee, NSW
Sunday 27th July 1980 Astra Hotel Bondi, NSW
Saturday 9th August 1980 University of NSW

Goldstein College Ball

Sydney, NSW
Monday 22nd December 1980 Mona Vale Hotel Mona Vale, NSW
Paddington Green Hotel, Paddington. NSW Tuesday 23rd December 1980 Paddington Green Hotel Paddington, NSW
Jump Club, Collingwood. VIC Saturday 11th July 1981 Jump Club Collingwood, VIC
Sunday 20th September 1981 Festival Hall West Melbourne, VIC
Tanelorn Music Festival, Stroud. NSW Saturday 3rd October 1981 Tanelorn Music Festival Stroud, NSW