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Cover Title Type ▲ Artist Name Release Year First Charted High Pos.
Calenture by The Triffids Calenture Album The Triffids 1987 32
Can't Stop Myself From Loving You by John Cave aka "William Shakespeare" Can't Stop Myself From Loving You Album John Cave aka "William Shakespeare" 1974 25/11/74 27
Capricornia by Midnight Oil Capricornia Album Midnight Oil 2002 8
Cargo by Men At Work Cargo Album Men At Work 1983 02/05/83 1
Cats And Dogs by Mental As Anything Cats And Dogs Album Mental As Anything 1981 21/09/81 3
Celebration! by Kevin Borich Express Celebration! Album Kevin Borich Express 1977 04/04/77 28
Cha by Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons Cha Album Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons 1982 15/11/82 28
Chain Reaction by John Farnham Chain Reaction Album John Farnham 1990 08/10/90 1
Chart Stoppers Volume 1 by Harry Young & SABBATH Chart Stoppers Volume 1 Album Harry Young & SABBATH 0
Chemistry by Mondo Rock Chemistry Album Mondo Rock 1981 20/07/81 3
Children Of The Sun by Billy Thorpe Children Of The Sun Album Billy Thorpe 1979 13/08/79 44
Children Of The World by The Bee Gees Children Of The World Album The Bee Gees 1976
Chimps From Chumps Greatest Hits plus 10 bonus tracks Album The Chimps From CHUMP
Chisel by Cold Chisel Chisel Album Cold Chisel 1991 07/10/91 3
Chocolate Starfish by Chocolate Starfish Chocolate Starfish Album Chocolate Starfish 1994
Choice Cuts by The Masters Apprentices Choice Cuts Album The Masters Apprentices 1971 14/06/71 10
Choirboys by Choirboys Choirboys Album Choirboys 1983 08/08/83 26
Christmas Is ... by John Farnham Christmas Is ... Album John Farnham 1970
Cinema Qua Album Le Club Foote 1984
Circus Animals by Cold Chisel Circus Animals Album Cold Chisel 1982 15/03/82 1
C'mon We're Taking Over by Hush C'mon We're Taking Over Album Hush 1974 16/12/74 26
Icehouse - Code Blue Code Blue Album Icehouse (formerly Flowers) 1990 12/11/90 5
Cold Chisel by Cold Chisel Cold Chisel Album Cold Chisel 1978 01/05/78 31
Colossus by Cybotron Colossus Album Cybotron 1978
Come Together by Hot City Bump Band Come Together Album Hot City Bump Band 1976
Comic Book Heroes by Rick Springfield Comic Book Heroes Album Rick Springfield 1973 17/09/73 54
Conflicting Emotions by Split Enz Conflicting Emotions Album Split Enz 1983 05/12/83 13
Conscience by The Expression Conscience Album The Expression 1985
Contraband by Finch/Contraband Contraband Album Finch/Contraband 1979 21/05/79 71
Correct Weight by Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs Correct Weight Album Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs 1979 19/11/79 78