The Masters Apprentices

The Masters Apprentices
13 Members 22 Recordings 13 Gigs

Adelaide Rock Band formed in 1965 then relocated to Melbourne in 1967 and disbanding in 1972.

The Masters Apprentices has 13 known members

Jim Keays
Jim Keays

Lead Vocals 1965 - 1972 More...

Gavin Webb

Bass 1965 - 1968 More...

Mick Bower

Guitar 1965 - 1967 More...

Rick Morrison

Lead Guitar 1965 - 1967 More...

Brian Vaughton

Drums 1965 - 1966 More...

Tony Sommers

Lead Guitar 1967 - 1968 More...

Steve Hopgood

Drums 1967 - 1968 More...

Peter Tilbrook

Guitar 1967 - 1968 More...

Rick Harrison

Guitar 1967 - 1967 More...

Doug Ford
Doug Ford

Lead Guitar 1968 - 1972 More...

Colin Burgess
Colin Burgess

Drums 1968 - 1972 More...

Glenn Wheatley
Glenn Wheatley

Bass 1968 - 1971 More...

Denny Burgess
Denny Burgess

Bass 1972 - 1972 More...

The Masters Apprentices discography - 22 recordings

Undecided B/W Wars Or Hands Of Time by The Masters Apprentices
Undecided B/W Wars Or Hands Of Time

Single - Peaked at 8th position.

Buried And Dead by The Masters Apprentices
Buried And Dead

Single - Peaked at 22nd position.

Living In A Child's Dream by The Masters Apprentices
Living In A Child's Dream

Single - Peaked at 7th position.

Brigette by The Masters Apprentices

Single - First charted on June 1st, 1968, and peaked at 30th position.

But One Day by The Masters Apprentices
But One Day

Single -

Elevator Driver by The Masters Apprentices
Elevator Driver

Single - Peaked at 30th position.

5:10 Man by The Masters Apprentices
5:10 Man

Single - First charted on July 19th, 1969, and peaked at 18th position.

Think About Tomorrow Today by The Masters Apprentices
Think About Tomorrow Today

Single - First charted on December 22nd, 1969, and peaked at 12th position.

Linda Linda B/W Merry-Go-Round by The Masters Apprentices
Linda Linda B/W Merry-Go-Round

Single - Peaked at 42nd position.

Turn Up Your Radio by The Masters Apprentices
Turn Up Your Radio

Single - First charted on April 27th, 1970, and peaked at 8th position.

Masterpiece by The Masters Apprentices

Album -

Because I Love You by The Masters Apprentices
Because I Love You

Single - First charted on January 18th, 1971, and peaked at 15th position.

Choice Cuts by The Masters Apprentices
Choice Cuts

Album - First charted on June 14th, 1971, and peaked at 10th position.

Future of Our Nation B/W New Day by The Masters Apprentices
Future of Our Nation B/W New Day

Single - First charted on July 12th, 1971, and peaked at 56th position.

Nicklelodeon by The Masters Apprentices

Album -

Love Is by The Masters Apprentices
Love Is

Single - First charted on April 3rd, 1972, and peaked at 89th position.

Rio De Camero by The Masters Apprentices
Rio De Camero

Single -

13 Known Gigs for The Masters Apprentices

Date Venue City
Saturday 3rd August 1968 Ashfield Town Hall Ashfield, NSW
That's Life, Windsor. VIC Friday 22nd November 1968 That's Life Windsor, VIC
That's Life, Windsor. VIC Sunday 24th November 1968 That's Life Windsor, VIC
Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne. VIC Wednesday 18th December 1968 Melbourne Town Hall Melbourne, VIC
Hordern Pavillion, Moore Park. NSW Sunday 8th June 1969 Hordern Pavillion Moore Park, NSW
The Tivoli, Sydney. NSW Tuesday 5th April 1988 The Tivoli Sydney, NSW
Wednesday 6th April 1988 Revesby Roundhouse Revesby, NSW
Thursday 7th April 1988 Quay One Newcastle, NSW
Friday 8th April 1988 Parramatta Leagues Club Parramatta, NSW
Saturday 9th April 1988 Dapto Leagues Club Dapto, NSW
Sunday 10th April 1988 Cronulla Sutherland Leagues Club Cronulla, NSW
Tracks, Epping Hotel, Epping. NSW Tuesday 12th April 1988 Tracks, Epping Hotel Epping, NSW
Wednesday 13th April 1988 Tiffany's Blacktown, NSW