Dee Why Hotel

Dee Why, NSW

95 Known Gigs for Dee Why Hotel

Date Band
Thursday 25th August 1983 Birds Of Prey
Dee Minor and The Dischords Thursday 25th August 1983 Dee Minor and The Dischords
Friday 26th August 1983 The Beast
Friday 26th August 1983 Volt-Edge
Saturday 27th August 1983 Full Marks
Kevin Borich Express Saturday 27th August 1983 Kevin Borich Express

Early show.

Hoodoo Gurus Thursday 1st September 1983 Hoodoo Gurus
Friday 2nd September 1983 Vicky O'Keefe Band
Saturday 3rd September 1983 Bel Aires
Wednesday 7th September 1983 Johnny Demon D Band
Thursday 8th September 1983 Forever Fifteen
Choirboys Thursday 8th September 1983 Choirboys
Friday 9th September 1983 Snake
Saturday 10th September 1983 Party Girls
Friday 16th September 1983 Bel Aires
Friday 9th December 1983 Birds Of Prey
Friday 16th December 1983 Picture This
Friday 16th December 1983 The Agents
Mad Gorilla Saturday 17th December 1983 Mad Gorilla
Friday 30th December 1983 Brenton Roberts
Marcia Hines Friday 30th December 1983 Marcia Hines
Saturday 6th October 1984 Arms & Legs
Wednesday 24th April 1985 Garden Square
Wednesday 24th April 1985 D.D. Smash
Thursday 25th April 1985 Promote The Bun
The Johnnys Thursday 25th April 1985 The Johnnys
Friday 26th April 1985 The Swinging Tees
GANGgajang Friday 26th April 1985 GANGgajang
Saturday 27th April 1985 Garden Square
Saturday 27th April 1985 Do.Re.Mi