The Bushwackers

The Bushwackers has 24 known members

Name Instruments Period
Jan Wositzky Jan Wositzky Bass 1970 - 1981
Dave Isom Vocals, Guitar, Banjo 1970 - 1974
Bert Kanahoff Lagerphone 1970 - 1973
John Spencer Banjo, Maondolin 1971 - 1972
Sylvester Kroyher Fiddle 1971 - 1972
Dobe Newton Dobe Newton Vocals, Lagerphone 1973 -
Hugh McDonald Hugh McDonald Bass, Guitar 1978 - 1978
Doug Gallacher Drums 1978 - 1978
Roger Corbett Roger Corbett Bass 1980 -
Imants "Freddie" Strauks Imants "Freddie" Strauks Drums 1982 - 1983
Tommy Emmanuel Tommy Emmanuel Guitar 1983 - 1984
Michael Fix Guitar 1984 -
Peter Northcote Peter Northcote Guitar 1985 -
Steve Fearnley Drums 1987 - 1988
Phil Emmanuel Phil Emmanuel Guitar 1987 - 1987
Pete Drummond Drums 1993 - 2003
Steve Housden Steve Housden Guitar 1993 - 1994
Brad Johns Brad Johns Guitar 1995 - 1996
Clare O'Meara Fiddle, Accordian 2000 -
Tim Gaze Tim Gaze Guitar 2000 -
Duncan Toombs Guitar 2003 - 2005
Brad Bergen Drums 2005 -
Adrian Cannon Adrian Cannon Drums 2010 -
Andy Colville

67 Known Gigs for The Bushwackers

Date Venue City
Sunbury Pop Festival, Sunbury. VIC Saturday 29th January 1972 Sunbury Pop Festival Sunbury, VIC
Saturday 16th June 1979 London Tavern Caulfield, VIC
Thursday 13th March 1980 Torquay Hotel Torquay, VIC
Saturday 15th March 1980 Central Club Hotel Richmond, VIC
Bexley North Hotel, Bexley North. NSW Monday 26th May 1980 Bexley North Hotel Bexley North, NSW
Governor's Pleasure, The Rocks, Sydney. NSW Tuesday 27th May 1980 Governor's Pleasure The Rocks, Sydney, NSW
Governor's Pleasure, The Rocks, Sydney. NSW Wednesday 28th May 1980 Governor's Pleasure The Rocks, Sydney, NSW
Governor's Pleasure, The Rocks, Sydney. NSW Thursday 29th May 1980 Governor's Pleasure The Rocks, Sydney, NSW
Friday 30th May 1980 San Miguel Hotel Cammeray, NSW
Paris Theatre, Sydney. NSW Monday 30th June 1980 Paris Theatre Sydney, NSW
Tamworth Workers Club, Tamworth. NSW Tuesday 28th April 1981 Tamworth Workers Club Tamworth, NSW
Wednesday 29th April 1981 Armidale University Armidale, NSW
Plantation Hotel, Coffs Harbour. NSW Thursday 30th April 1981 Plantation Hotel Coffs Harbour, NSW
Friday 1st May 1981 Grafton Golf Club Grafton, NSW
Saturday 2nd May 1981 Casino RSM Club Casino, NSW
Wednesday 15th July 1981 Sandringham Hotel Sandringham, VIC
Tanelorn Music Festival, Stroud. NSW Monday 5th October 1981 Tanelorn Music Festival Stroud, NSW
Bayview Tavern, Gladesville. NSW Monday 16th November 1981 Bayview Tavern Gladesville, NSW
Comb and Cutter Hotel, Blacktown. NSW Saturday 21st November 1981 Comb and Cutter Hotel Blacktown, NSW
Friday 9th July 1982 Paynesville Hotel Paynesville, VIC
Saturday 10th July 1982 Village Green Hotel Mulgrave, VIC
Thursday 15th July 1982 Sentimental Bloke Bulleen, VIC
Friday 16th July 1982 Commodore Hotel Sandringham, VIC
Saturday 17th July 1982 Tarmac Hotel Laverton, VIC
Sunday 18th July 1982 Mac's Hotel Melton, VIC
Thursday 22nd July 1982 Cross Keys Hotel North Essendon, VIC
Friday 23rd July 1982 Central Club Hotel Richmond, VIC
Saturday 24th July 1982 London Tavern Caulfield, VIC
Ferntree Gully Hotel, Ferntree Gully. VIC Friday 6th August 1982 Ferntree Gully Hotel Ferntree Gully, VIC
Bluegum Hotel, Waitara. NSW Tuesday 9th November 1982 Bluegum Hotel Waitara, NSW