Cross Keys Hotel

North Essendon, VIC

34 Known Gigs for Cross Keys Hotel

Date Band
Skyhooks Saturday 28th April 1979 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Saturday 2nd June 1979 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Friday 15th June 1979 Skyhooks
Saturday 19th July 1980 Mates
Dear Enemy Friday 15th January 1982 Dear Enemy
Thursday 21st January 1982 Mike Rudd & The Heaters
Sherbet Friday 22nd January 1982 Sherbet
The Swingers Friday 29th January 1982 The Swingers
Friday 5th February 1982 The Rubes
Marc Hunter Thursday 11th February 1982 Marc Hunter
The Dugites Friday 12th February 1982 The Dugites
Thursday 18th February 1982 Jeff St John Band
Kevin Borich Express Thursday 25th February 1982 Kevin Borich Express
Kevin Borich Express Friday 26th February 1982 Kevin Borich Express

Early show

Redgum Thursday 4th March 1982 Redgum
Friday 19th March 1982 Mick Pealing and The Ideals
Kevin Borich Express Thursday 25th March 1982 Kevin Borich Express
Wendy and The Rocketts Friday 30th April 1982 Wendy and The Rocketts
Friday 14th May 1982 The Rubes
Friday 12th November 1982 The Rubes
Ol '55 Saturday 13th November 1982 Ol '55

Early show

Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Thursday 18th November 1982 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)
Goanna Friday 19th November 1982 Goanna
Russell Morris Friday 22nd July 1983 Russell Morris
Spaniards Saturday 30th July 1983 Spaniards
The Reels Saturday 30th July 1983 The Reels
Paul Kelly Friday 12th August 1983 Paul Kelly
Saturday 13th August 1983 Phil Manning's Rock & Roll Trio
Renee Geyer Saturday 13th August 1983 Renee Geyer
Dragon Thursday 18th August 1983 Dragon