Sardine v

Also known as Sardine

Sydney based Punk band from 1980 - 1983

Sardine v has 11 known members

Name Instruments Period
Ian Rilen Ian Rilen Guitar/Vocals 1980 - 1983
Stephanie Rilen Lead Vocals/Keyboards 1980 - 1983
Phil Hall Bass 1980 - 1982
Greg Skehill Drums 1980 - 1981
Barton Price Barton Price Drums 1981 - 1982
Michael Skinner Drums 1981 - 1981
Stuart Dunlop Bass 1982 - 1983
Johanna Pigott Johanna Pigott Bass 1982 - 1982
John Lloyd Drums 1982 - 1982
Andrew Garton Andrew Garton Saxophone 1983 - 1983
Craig Rossi Drums 1983 - 1983

11 Known Gigs for Sardine v

Date Venue City
Rock Garden, Kings Cross. NSW Saturday 13th December 1980 Rock Garden Kings Cross, NSW
Sgt Pepper's Rock Café, Kings Cross. NSW Thursday 26th March 1981 Sgt Pepper's Rock Café Kings Cross, NSW
Marquee Club, Newtown. NSW Saturday 28th March 1981 Marquee Club Newtown, NSW
Sgt Pepper's Rock Café, Kings Cross. NSW Sunday 5th April 1981 Sgt Pepper's Rock Café Kings Cross, NSW
Royal Antler Hotel, Narrabeen. NSW Friday 22nd May 1981 Royal Antler Hotel Narrabeen, NSW
Family Inn, Rydalmere. NSW Saturday 22nd May 1982 Family Inn Rydalmere, NSW
Thursday 24th June 1982 Eureka Hotel Richmond, VIC
Saturday 26th June 1982 Seaview Ballroom St Kilda, VIC
Sunday 3rd October 1982 Refectory – Sydney University Sydney, NSW
Paddington Green Hotel, Paddington. NSW Friday 19th November 1982 Paddington Green Hotel Paddington, NSW
The Manzil Room, Kings Cross. NSW Thursday 28th April 1983 The Manzil Room Kings Cross, NSW