Bombay Rock

Bombay Rock, Brunswick. VIC 222 Gigs

1 Pheonix St

Brunswick, VIC

222 Known Gigs for Bombay Rock

Date Band
Saturday 31st July 1982 F.J. Holden and The Fives
Saturday 31st July 1982 Liquid Engineers
Heaven Friday 6th August 1982 Heaven
Saturday 7th August 1982 MEO 245
Divinyls Saturday 7th August 1982 Divinyls

Evening show

Real Life Saturday 7th August 1982 Real Life
Mental As Anything Friday 13th August 1982 Mental As Anything
 Little River Band Saturday 14th August 1982 Little River Band
The Little Heroes Saturday 30th October 1982 The Little Heroes
Serious Young Insects Friday 12th November 1982 Serious Young Insects
Saturday 13th November 1982 Lethal Dose
Saturday 13th November 1982 Mark Gillespie Band
INXS Friday 19th November 1982 INXS
Paul Kelly and The Dots Friday 19th November 1982 Paul Kelly and The Dots
Russell Morris and The Rubes Saturday 20th November 1982 Russell Morris and The Rubes

Late show.

The Angels Wednesday 19th January 1983 The Angels
Real Life Wednesday 19th January 1983 Real Life
Divinyls Wednesday 19th January 1983 Divinyls
Divinyls Thursday 20th January 1983 Divinyls
Real Life Thursday 20th January 1983 Real Life
The Angels Thursday 20th January 1983 The Angels
The Angels Friday 21st January 1983 The Angels
Divinyls Friday 21st January 1983 Divinyls
Real Life Friday 21st January 1983 Real Life
Saturday 22nd January 1983 Tailor Made
Saturday 22nd January 1983 Liquid Engineers
Billy Thorpe Saturday 22nd January 1983 Billy Thorpe
Friday 22nd July 1983 Liquid Engineers
Friday 22nd July 1983 No Fixed Address
Australian Crawl Saturday 23rd July 1983 Australian Crawl