Seven Hills Hotel

Seven Hills, NSW

Seven Hills Hotel, Seven Hills. NSW

63 Known Gigs for Seven Hills Hotel

Date Band
Bandanna Saturday 20th December 1986 Bandanna
Saturday 27th December 1986 Lightning Rock
Wednesday 31st December 1986 Cheques In The Mail
Wednesday 31st December 1986 Underdogs
Avion Friday 9th January 1987 Avion
Doug Parkinson Friday 8th May 1987 Doug Parkinson
Easy Money Friday 8th May 1987 Easy Money
Saturday 9th May 1987 Assasin
Saturday 9th May 1987 Stark Raven
Monday 11th May 1987 Cheques In The Mail

Supporting Dr Feelgood

Friday 15th May 1987 Crusader
Friday 15th May 1987 Tough Luxury
Friday 15th May 1987 Bozo Boys
Friday 15th May 1987 Roxx
Friday 15th May 1987 Big Deal
Saturday 16th May 1987 Resistence
Saturday 16th May 1987 Komodo
Saturday 16th May 1987 T.N.T.
Dee Minor and The Dischords Friday 22nd May 1987 Dee Minor and The Dischords
Saturday 23rd May 1987 Cheques In The Mail
Saturday 23rd May 1987 Flintlock
The Vagabonds Saturday 23rd May 1987 The Vagabonds
Friday 29th May 1987 Lightning Rock
The Hard Ons Saturday 30th May 1987 The Hard Ons
Saturday 30th May 1987 Mortal Sin
The Screaming Tribesmen Saturday 10th October 1987 The Screaming Tribesmen
Candy Harlots Saturday 10th October 1987 Candy Harlots
Friday 29th January 1988 Starlet
Friday 29th January 1988 Assasin
Thursday 14th December 1989 Outcasts