Penrith Leagues Club

66 Gigs

Penrith, NSW

66 Known Gigs for Penrith Leagues Club

Date Band
Skyhooks Sunday 25th September 1977 Skyhooks
Skyhooks Sunday 5th March 1978 Skyhooks
 Little River Band Friday 21st April 1978 Little River Band
Cold Chisel Sunday 28th May 1978 Cold Chisel

2JJ Concert

Cold Chisel Sunday 1st April 1979 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Sunday 2nd September 1979 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Sunday 13th January 1980 Cold Chisel
Mental As Anything Sunday 18th May 1980 Mental As Anything
Mi-Sex Sunday 25th May 1980 Mi-Sex
Stockley See & Mason Sunday 15th June 1980 Stockley See & Mason
The Clones Friday 25th July 1980 The Clones
Mother Goose Sunday 17th August 1980 Mother Goose
The Lonely Hearts Sunday 24th August 1980 The Lonely Hearts
Richard Clapton Sunday 14th September 1980 Richard Clapton
INXS Sunday 19th October 1980 INXS
INXS Sunday 14th June 1981 INXS
Billy Thorpe Sunday 18th October 1981 Billy Thorpe
Mondo Rock Sunday 24th January 1982 Mondo Rock
INXS Sunday 21st February 1982 INXS
Peculiar Clerk Friday 4th June 1982 Peculiar Clerk
Cold Chisel Sunday 20th June 1982 Cold Chisel
 Little River Band Sunday 5th September 1982 Little River Band
INXS Sunday 19th September 1982 INXS
 Little River Band Tuesday 5th October 1982 Little River Band
Dragon Sunday 7th November 1982 Dragon
The Bushwackers Tuesday 16th November 1982 The Bushwackers
Friday 10th December 1982 Cocky Laura
Goldrush Sunday 13th February 1983 Goldrush
Friday 1st July 1983 Black Haven
Sunday 3rd July 1983 Bel Aires