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Cover Title Type ▼ Artist Name Release Year First Charted High Pos.
Sing Songs by The Church Sing Songs Album The Church 1982 20/12/82 58
Australian Crawl - Sirocco Sirocco Album Australian Crawl 1981 20/07/81 1
Size Isn't Everything by The Bee Gees Size Isn't Everything Album The Bee Gees 1993
Skyhigh by Skylight Skyhigh Album Skylight 1974
Sleeper Catcher by  Little River Band Sleeper Catcher Album Little River Band 1978 24/04/78 4
Slipstream by Sherbet Slipstream Album Sherbet 1974 23/09/74 3
Smoke Dreams by The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band Smoke Dreams Album The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band 1973 09/07/73 23
So Far - Their Classic Collection by Dragon So Far - Their Classic Collection Album Dragon 1988 25/01/88 26
Soft & Soulful by Allison Durbin Soft & Soulful Album Allison Durbin 1969
Soldiers Of Rock 'N' Roll by Radio Birdman Soldiers Of Rock 'N' Roll Album Radio Birdman 1982 13/09/82 98
Solidarity by Richard Clapton Solidarity Album Richard Clapton 1984 10/09/84 27
Sondra by The Sports Sondra Album The Sports 1981 25/05/81 20
Australian Crawl - Sons of Beaches Sons Of Beaches Album Australian Crawl 1982 26/07/82 1
Soul Deep by Jimmy Barnes Soul Deep Album Jimmy Barnes 1991 18/11/91 1
Sour Mash by The Beasts Of Bourbon Sour Mash Album The Beasts Of Bourbon 1988
Southern Cross by Southern Cross Southern Cross Album Southern Cross 1976
Southern Stars by Rose Tattoo Southern Stars Album Rose Tattoo 1984 05/11/84 30
Space Race by Mi-Sex Space Race Album Mi-Sex 1980 02/06/80 5
Spectrum Part One by Spectrum Spectrum Part One Album Spectrum 1971 05/04/71 21
Speed.Madness..Flying Saucers... by The Thought Criminals Speed.Madness..Flying Saucers... Album The Thought Criminals 1980
Spicks And Specks by The Bee Gees Spicks And Specks Album The Bee Gees 1966
Spirits Having Flown by The Bee Gees Spirits Having Flown Album The Bee Gees 1979 12/02/79 1
Spoken Words by Indecent Obsession Spoken Words Album Indecent Obsession 1989 04/12/89 36
Starfish by The Church Starfish Album The Church 1988 18/04/88 11
State Of Shock by The Moir Sisters State Of Shock Album The Moir Sisters 1978
Steppin' Out by Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Steppin' Out Album Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) 1976 08/11/76 23
Stick Movie? by The Undecided? Stick Movie? Album The Undecided? 1984
Stiff Upper Lip (Tour Edition) by AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip (Tour Edition) Album AC/DC 2000 3
Stillpoint by Madder Lake Stillpoint Album Madder Lake 1973 10/09/73 13
Still Waters by The Bee Gees Still Waters Album The Bee Gees 1997