The Tivoli

654 George St

Sydney, NSW

The Tivoli, Sydney. NSW

198 Known Gigs for The Tivoli

Date Band
Tuesday 10th June 1980 Diamond Cutter
Hunters & Collectors Saturday 21st November 1981 Hunters & Collectors
Deckchairs Overboard Friday 5th November 1982 Deckchairs Overboard
Friday 5th November 1982 Do.Re.Mi
Kevin Borich Express Monday 8th November 1982 Kevin Borich Express
Renee Geyer Monday 8th November 1982 Renee Geyer
Saturday 12th February 1983 The Conway Brothers
Saturday 12th February 1983 Bullamakanka
Goldrush Saturday 12th February 1983 Goldrush
Sunday 13th February 1983 Diamond Cutter
Dragon Sunday 13th February 1983 Dragon
Choirboys Monday 14th February 1983 Choirboys
Rose Tattoo Monday 14th February 1983 Rose Tattoo
Uncanny X Men Tuesday 15th February 1983 Uncanny X Men
Australian Crawl Tuesday 15th February 1983 Australian Crawl
Sharon O'Neill Friday 6th May 1983 Sharon O'Neill
Q.E.D. Friday 1st July 1983 Q.E.D.
Friday 1st July 1983 The Cuckoos
Friday 1st July 1983 Snake
Friday 1st July 1983 Diamond Cutter
Saturday 2nd July 1983 QV's
Saturday 2nd July 1983 Rivals
Russell Morris Saturday 2nd July 1983 Russell Morris
Sunday 3rd July 1983 Party Girls
Sunday 3rd July 1983 Johnny Kannis & The Night Train
Monday 4th July 1983 The Honeymoon
Australian Crawl Monday 4th July 1983 Australian Crawl
Dropbears Wednesday 6th July 1983 Dropbears
Sekret Sekret Wednesday 6th July 1983 Sekret Sekret
Sherbet Thursday 7th July 1983 Sherbet