Bexley North Hotel

Bexley North, NSW

Bexley North Hotel, Bexley North. NSW

Was known as "Teddy Bears Picnic" in the late 70's.

82 Known Gigs for Bexley North Hotel

Date Band
INXS Monday 1st June 1981 INXS
The Lonely Hearts Saturday 27th June 1981 The Lonely Hearts
Sunnyboys Saturday 27th June 1981 Sunnyboys
Friday 27th November 1981 Lie Detectors
Friday 18th December 1981 Lie Detectors
Friday 1st January 1982 Recognitions
The Lonely Hearts Friday 1st January 1982 The Lonely Hearts
The Hitmen Saturday 6th November 1982 The Hitmen
Boys Saturday 6th November 1982 Boys
The Zarsoff Brothers Monday 8th November 1982 The Zarsoff Brothers
Dee Minor and The Dischords Monday 8th November 1982 Dee Minor and The Dischords
Friday 11th February 1983 The Agents
The Numbers Friday 11th February 1983 The Numbers
Saturday 12th February 1983 The Raiders
Dragon Saturday 12th February 1983 Dragon
Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons Monday 14th February 1983 Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons
Uncanny X Men Monday 14th February 1983 Uncanny X Men
Tuesday 15th February 1983 Bel Aires
Divinyls Tuesday 15th February 1983 Divinyls
Saturday 23rd July 1983 Silent Types
Avion Friday 25th May 1984 Avion
Stevie Wright Sunday 16th February 1986 Stevie Wright