Tourmaline Hotel

31 Gigs

Vineyard, NSW

31 Known Gigs for Tourmaline Hotel

Date Band
Peculiar Clerk Friday 6th May 1983 Peculiar Clerk
Saturday 16th July 1983 Bankrupt
Friday 22nd July 1983 Radio On
Peculiar Clerk Friday 5th August 1983 Peculiar Clerk
Birds Of Prey Friday 12th August 1983 Birds Of Prey
Saturday 27th August 1983 East End
Friday 9th September 1983 Torrid Zone
Stormy Monday Saturday 10th September 1983 Stormy Monday
Thursday 15th September 1983 David Mason-Cox
Peculiar Clerk Friday 16th September 1983 Peculiar Clerk
Peculiar Clerk Friday 18th November 1983 Peculiar Clerk
Cliche Friday 9th December 1983 Cliche
Friday 16th December 1983 Vicky O'Keefe
Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Saturday 17th December 1983 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)
Mirrored Image Friday 19th October 1984 Mirrored Image
Rose Tattoo Friday 19th April 1985 Rose Tattoo
Friday 19th April 1985 Tough Luxury
Friday 26th April 1985 Forever Fifteen
Friday 26th April 1985 The Sharks
Mirrored Image Friday 2nd August 1985 Mirrored Image
Bandanna Saturday 28th September 1985 Bandanna
Bandanna Friday 22nd November 1985 Bandanna
Bandanna Friday 3rd January 1986 Bandanna
Saturday 18th January 1986 Cairo
Bandanna Friday 28th February 1986 Bandanna
Bandanna Friday 18th April 1986 Bandanna
Friday 18th April 1986 The Score
Bandanna Friday 6th June 1986 Bandanna
Friday 2nd October 1987 Buster Bay
B.B. Strutt Friday 8th April 1988 B.B. Strutt