Southern Cross Hotel

16 Gigs

Surry Hills, NSW

16 Known Gigs for Southern Cross Hotel

Date Band
Tuesday 8th April 1980 Crackajacks
Monday 22nd December 1980 Flirts
The Cockroaches Saturday 6th November 1982 The Cockroaches
Sunday 7th November 1982 The Most
The Celibate Rifles Sunday 7th November 1982 The Celibate Rifles
The Cockroaches Friday 10th December 1982 The Cockroaches
The Johnnys Friday 21st January 1983 The Johnnys
Monday 24th January 1983 JFK & The Cuban Crisis
Thursday 27th January 1983 The Introverts
Saturday 29th January 1983 Chosen Few
The Celibate Rifles Saturday 29th January 1983 The Celibate Rifles
Monday 31st January 1983 JFK & The Cuban Crisis
Hoodoo Gurus Tuesday 1st February 1983 Hoodoo Gurus
Wednesday 2nd February 1983 Big 5
Thursday 3rd February 1983 Box Of Fish
Tuesday 15th February 1983 The Scientists