Seven Hills Hotel

Seven Hills Hotel, Seven Hills. NSW 64 Gigs

Seven Hills, NSW

64 Known Gigs for Seven Hills Hotel

Date Band
Saturday 11th December 1982 Get It? Got It? Good!
Friday 19th April 1985 Double Trouble
Friday 19th April 1985 Iron Heart
Friday 19th April 1985 Assasin
Saturday 20th April 1985 Toucans
Saturday 20th April 1985 Abbey Road
The Screaming Tribesmen Friday 26th April 1985 The Screaming Tribesmen
Lime Spiders Friday 26th April 1985 Lime Spiders
Saturday 27th April 1985 Kid Brother
Mandrake Saturday 27th April 1985 Mandrake
Friday 2nd August 1985 Bronx
Friday 2nd August 1985 Boss
Friday 2nd August 1985 Blah Blah Blah
The Cyril B. Bunter Band Saturday 3rd August 1985 The Cyril B. Bunter Band
Easy Money Saturday 3rd August 1985 Easy Money
Bandanna Saturday 21st September 1985 Bandanna
Bandanna Saturday 9th November 1985 Bandanna
B.B. Strutt Saturday 9th November 1985 B.B. Strutt
Easy Money Saturday 4th January 1986 Easy Money
Bandanna Saturday 4th January 1986 Bandanna
Bandanna Friday 14th February 1986 Bandanna
Bandanna Friday 16th May 1986 Bandanna
Bandanna Friday 11th July 1986 Bandanna
Bandanna Friday 22nd August 1986 Bandanna
Friday 12th December 1986 Der Straza
Saturday 13th December 1986 Big Heat
Dynamic Hepnotics Saturday 13th December 1986 Dynamic Hepnotics
The Party Boys Friday 19th December 1986 The Party Boys
Friday 19th December 1986 Der Straza
Bandanna Saturday 20th December 1986 Bandanna