Hordern Pavillion

Hordern Pavillion, Moore Park. NSW 129 Gigs

1 Driver Avenue

Moore Park, NSW

129 Known Gigs for Hordern Pavillion

Date Band
The Angels Saturday 9th July 1983 The Angels
Rose Tattoo Saturday 9th July 1983 Rose Tattoo
Choirboys Saturday 9th July 1983 Choirboys
INXS Saturday 7th April 1984 INXS
INXS Thursday 26th April 1984 INXS
Rose Tattoo Sunday 28th October 1984 Rose Tattoo
Richard Clapton Sunday 28th October 1984 Richard Clapton
The Angels Sunday 28th October 1984 The Angels
Machinations Sunday 28th October 1984 Machinations
Divinyls Sunday 15th December 1985 Divinyls
Electric Pandas Sunday 15th December 1985 Electric Pandas
Jimmy Barnes Sunday 15th December 1985 Jimmy Barnes
Midnight Oil Thursday 1st October 1987 Midnight Oil
Midnight Oil Friday 2nd October 1987 Midnight Oil
Midnight Oil Saturday 3rd October 1987 Midnight Oil
Midnight Oil Sunday 4th October 1987 Midnight Oil
The Angels Friday 24th August 1990 The Angels

With Cheap Trick

The Hard Ons Saturday 26th January 1991 The Hard Ons

Supporting The Ramones

New Christs Saturday 26th January 1991 New Christs

Supporting The Ramones

Matt Moffitt Sunday 16th February 1992 Matt Moffitt
John Farnham Sunday 16th February 1992 John Farnham
The Radiators Sunday 16th February 1992 The Radiators
GANGgajang Sunday 16th February 1992 GANGgajang
Midnight Oil Sunday 16th February 1992 Midnight Oil
Mental As Anything Sunday 16th February 1992 Mental As Anything
Sunday 16th February 1992 Maybe Dolls
Deniz Tek Sunday 13th September 1992 Deniz Tek

Supporting Rollins Band

The Hard Ons Sunday 13th September 1992 The Hard Ons

Supporting Rollins Band

Sunday 13th September 1992 Kim Salmon & The Surrealists

Supporting Rollins Band

INXS Thursday 27th January 1994 INXS