Armadale Hotel

96 Gigs

Armadale, VIC

96 Known Gigs for Armadale Hotel

Date Band
Mother Goose Thursday 25th March 1982 Mother Goose
Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons Friday 16th April 1982 Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons
Men At Work Saturday 17th April 1982 Men At Work
Goanna Thursday 22nd April 1982 Goanna
Hunters & Collectors Friday 30th April 1982 Hunters & Collectors
Goanna Friday 14th May 1982 Goanna
Mi-Sex Friday 21st May 1982 Mi-Sex
Uncanny X Men Saturday 22nd May 1982 Uncanny X Men
Machinations Friday 18th June 1982 Machinations
The Reels Friday 18th June 1982 The Reels
Uncanny X Men Saturday 19th June 1982 Uncanny X Men
Thursday 24th June 1982 The Runners
Men At Work Friday 25th June 1982 Men At Work
Men At Work Saturday 26th June 1982 Men At Work
Mondo Rock Thursday 1st July 1982 Mondo Rock
Hunters & Collectors Friday 9th July 1982 Hunters & Collectors
Redgum Saturday 10th July 1982 Redgum
Friday 16th July 1982 Routinos
Riptides Friday 16th July 1982 Riptides
The Reels Saturday 17th July 1982 The Reels
Saturday 31st July 1982 The Runners
Uncanny X Men Thursday 5th August 1982 Uncanny X Men
Goanna Friday 6th August 1982 Goanna
Sherbet Saturday 7th August 1982 Sherbet
INXS Thursday 19th August 1982 INXS
Friday 12th November 1982 No Fixed Address
Ross Ryan Friday 12th November 1982 Ross Ryan
Real Life Saturday 13th November 1982 Real Life
The Models Thursday 18th November 1982 The Models
Friday 19th November 1982 Nightwatchmen