Prince Of Wales

39 Gigs

St Kilda, VIC

39 Known Gigs for Prince Of Wales

Date Band
Dynamic Hepnotics Monday 22nd February 1982 Dynamic Hepnotics
Dynamic Hepnotics Monday 9th August 1982 Dynamic Hepnotics
The Allniters Monday 15th November 1982 The Allniters
Dynamic Hepnotics Monday 15th November 1982 Dynamic Hepnotics
Wendy and The Rocketts Friday 29th July 1983 Wendy and The Rocketts
Kids In The Kitchen Saturday 7th January 1984 Kids In The Kitchen
Friday 2nd May 1986 Exploding White Mice
Weddings Parties Anything Monday 4th August 1986 Weddings Parties Anything
The Emmanuel Bros. Whiz Band Monday 4th August 1986 The Emmanuel Bros. Whiz Band
The Reels Thursday 7th August 1986 The Reels
Weddings Parties Anything Friday 5th September 1986 Weddings Parties Anything
Friday 10th October 1986 John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong
Saturday 11th October 1986 Deadly Hume
Monday 3rd November 1986 Painters and Dockers
The Reels Friday 16th October 1987 The Reels
Friday 23rd October 1987 Cosmic Psychos
Friday 23rd October 1987 The Band That Shot Liberty Valance
Friday 8th January 1988 Huxton Creepers
Friday 22nd January 1988 Cosmic Psychos
Friday 20th January 1989 Mass Appeal
Saturday 21st January 1989 Mass Appeal
Friday 27th January 1989 Cosmic Psychos
Friday 19th May 1989 T-Bones
New Christs Friday 19th May 1989 New Christs
Friday 19th May 1989 Sacred Cowboys
Friday 26th May 1989 Blood Loss
Lubricated Goat Friday 26th May 1989 Lubricated Goat
Saturday 27th May 1989 Black Tulips
Saturday 27th May 1989 Huxton Creepers
Saturday 27th May 1989 The Band That Shot Liberty Valance