Padstow Park Hotel

31 Howard Road

Padstow, NSW

Padstow Park Hotel, Padstow. NSW

32 Known Gigs for Padstow Park Hotel

Date Band
Tuesday 4th September 1979 Class
Saturday 8th September 1979 Headfirst
Swanee Tuesday 6th November 1979 Swanee
Jimmy And The Boys Tuesday 11th December 1979 Jimmy And The Boys
The Clones Saturday 12th January 1980 The Clones

Evening Show

INXS Sunday 4th May 1980 INXS
Mad Gorilla Tuesday 11th November 1980 Mad Gorilla
The Fringe Sunday 31st January 1982 The Fringe
The Fringe Saturday 6th February 1982 The Fringe
The Hitmen Tuesday 25th January 1983 The Hitmen
Friday 1st July 1983 Full Circle
Friday 1st July 1983 Broderick Smith Band

Early show

Kevin Borich Express Wednesday 6th July 1983 Kevin Borich Express
Friday 8th July 1983 Boss
Friday 8th July 1983 Bronx
Friday 15th July 1983 Two Bob Watch
The Cyril B. Bunter Band Friday 15th July 1983 The Cyril B. Bunter Band
Wednesday 20th July 1983 Total Fire Band
Wednesday 27th July 1983 Snake
Wednesday 27th July 1983 Jennifer Lee Band
Friday 29th July 1983 The Hurt
Friday 29th July 1983 The Beast
The Zarsoff Brothers Wednesday 3rd August 1983 The Zarsoff Brothers
Dee Minor and The Dischords Wednesday 10th August 1983 Dee Minor and The Dischords
Birds Of Prey Wednesday 10th August 1983 Birds Of Prey
Friday 12th August 1983 Boss
Friday 12th August 1983 Bronx
Birds Of Prey Wednesday 17th August 1983 Birds Of Prey
Mother Goose Wednesday 17th August 1983 Mother Goose
Friday 26th August 1983 Scattered Aces