Hotel Bondi

33 Gigs

178 Campbell Parade

Bondi, NSW

33 Known Gigs for Hotel Bondi

Date Band
Mirrored Image Thursday 7th July 1983 Mirrored Image
Saturday 9th July 1983 The Agents
Saturday 9th July 1983 Hugo A Go Go
The Triffids Wednesday 13th July 1983 The Triffids
Thursday 14th July 1983 Mighty Guys
Russell Morris and The Rubes Friday 15th July 1983 Russell Morris and The Rubes
Wednesday 20th July 1983 Hoi Polloi
Wednesday 27th July 1983 Mysterons
Thursday 28th July 1983 Mighty Guys
Thursday 28th July 1983 Brenton Roberts Band
Saturday 30th July 1983 Non Stop Dancers
Mirrored Image Thursday 4th August 1983 Mirrored Image
Saturday 6th August 1983 Non Stop Dancers
Saturday 13th August 1983 Non Stop Dancers
Wednesday 17th August 1983 Seven Ballerinas
Thursday 18th August 1983 Bel Aires
Saturday 20th August 1983 Leisure Generation
Saturday 20th August 1983 Fashions
Wednesday 24th August 1983 Private Lives
Thursday 25th August 1983 Bel Aires
Wednesday 31st August 1983 Mr X
Friday 9th September 1983 Shaylee Wilde Experience
Mustard Club Saturday 10th September 1983 Mustard Club
Electric Pandas Friday 9th December 1983 Electric Pandas
Friday 9th December 1983 Telltale Hearts
Tuesday 13th December 1983 Mataquali Music
Tuesday 13th December 1983 No Fixed Address
Rupert B Thursday 29th December 1983 Rupert B
Spy Vs Spy Friday 26th April 1985 Spy Vs Spy
Mustard Club Friday 26th April 1985 Mustard Club