Comb and Cutter Hotel

Blacktown, NSW

Comb and Cutter Hotel, Blacktown. NSW

125 Known Gigs for Comb and Cutter Hotel

Date Band
Cold Chisel Wednesday 24th May 1978 Cold Chisel
Rose Tattoo Wednesday 21st June 1978 Rose Tattoo
Skyhooks Wednesday 19th July 1978 Skyhooks
Midnight Oil Thursday 12th October 1978 Midnight Oil
Cold Chisel Thursday 19th October 1978 Cold Chisel
Skyhooks Wednesday 28th February 1979 Skyhooks
Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs Wednesday 14th March 1979 Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs
Cold Chisel Wednesday 28th March 1979 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Wednesday 16th May 1979 Cold Chisel
The Clones Thursday 2nd August 1979 The Clones
The Numbers Wednesday 15th August 1979 The Numbers
Cold Chisel Wednesday 22nd August 1979 Cold Chisel
The Lonely Hearts Wednesday 5th September 1979 The Lonely Hearts
The Angels Wednesday 5th September 1979 The Angels
INXS Friday 5th October 1979 INXS
Mental As Anything Wednesday 21st November 1979 Mental As Anything
Jimmy And The Boys Thursday 6th December 1979 Jimmy And The Boys
Kevin Borich Thursday 6th December 1979 Kevin Borich
The Hitmen Thursday 13th December 1979 The Hitmen
Split Enz Wednesday 19th December 1979 Split Enz
Cold Chisel Thursday 20th December 1979 Cold Chisel
Kevin Borich Wednesday 2nd January 1980 Kevin Borich
Jimmy And The Boys Wednesday 2nd January 1980 Jimmy And The Boys
Midnight Oil Friday 4th January 1980 Midnight Oil
The Clones Friday 4th January 1980 The Clones
John Paul Young and The All Stars Wednesday 23rd January 1980 John Paul Young and The All Stars
The Reels Wednesday 6th February 1980 The Reels
Mental As Anything Friday 22nd February 1980 Mental As Anything
Cold Chisel Wednesday 27th February 1980 Cold Chisel
INXS Wednesday 19th March 1980 INXS