Billboard, Melbourne. VIC 81 Gigs

Russell St

Melbourne, VIC

81 Known Gigs for Billboard

Date Band
Stormy Monday Saturday 22nd May 1982 Stormy Monday
Monday 24th May 1982 Rock Steady
Wendy and The Rocketts Wednesday 26th May 1982 Wendy and The Rocketts
Mi-Sex Friday 11th June 1982 Mi-Sex
The Reels Wednesday 16th June 1982 The Reels
Mondo Rock Wednesday 16th June 1982 Mondo Rock
Eurogliders Wednesday 16th June 1982 Eurogliders
Thursday 17th June 1982 Brenton Roberts Band
Dynamic Hepnotics Saturday 19th June 1982 Dynamic Hepnotics
The Dugites Wednesday 23rd June 1982 The Dugites
Wednesday 30th June 1982 Billy Miller's Great Blokes
Kevin Borich Express Wednesday 30th June 1982 Kevin Borich Express
Friday 16th July 1982 Mick Pealing and The Ideals

Late show.

Marcia Hines Wednesday 21st July 1982 Marcia Hines
Ol '55 Thursday 22nd July 1982 Ol '55
Stormy Monday Saturday 24th July 1982 Stormy Monday

Late show.

Stormy Monday Monday 26th July 1982 Stormy Monday
Sherbet Friday 30th July 1982 Sherbet
Brian Cadd Wednesday 4th August 1982 Brian Cadd
Mother Goose Friday 6th August 1982 Mother Goose

Late show.

Wednesday 11th August 1982 Young Home Buyers
 Little River Band Wednesday 8th September 1982 Little River Band
Ol '55 Saturday 13th November 1982 Ol '55

Late show

Dear Enemy Wednesday 17th November 1982 Dear Enemy
Paul Kelly and The Dots Thursday 18th November 1982 Paul Kelly and The Dots
Wednesday 24th November 1982 Mick Pealing and The Ideals
 Little River Band Tuesday 14th December 1982 Little River Band
 Little River Band Wednesday 15th December 1982 Little River Band
The Zarsoff Brothers Wednesday 20th April 1983 The Zarsoff Brothers
Real Life Thursday 28th July 1983 Real Life