Russell St

Melbourne, VIC

Billboard, Melbourne. VIC

81 Known Gigs for Billboard

Date Band
Monday 27th October 1980 Street Life

Free Admission

Wednesday 29th October 1980 Torpedoes
Wendy and The Rocketts Wednesday 29th October 1980 Wendy and The Rocketts
Thursday 30th October 1980 Pirate
The Numbers Thursday 30th October 1980 The Numbers
Friday 31st October 1980 Magna Carta
Mondo Rock Friday 31st October 1980 Mondo Rock
Saturday 1st November 1980 Billy Miller's Great Blokes
INXS Saturday 1st November 1980 INXS
Sunday 2nd November 1980 Survival
INXS Friday 5th December 1980 INXS
 Little River Band Monday 21st December 1981 Little River Band
 Little River Band Tuesday 22nd December 1981 Little River Band
 Little River Band Wednesday 23rd December 1981 Little River Band
Sherbet Wednesday 20th January 1982 Sherbet
Saturday 23rd January 1982 Steve Cummings Ring Of Truth
Sherbet Saturday 13th February 1982 Sherbet

Late show

Monday 15th February 1982 Rock Steady
Broderick Smiths Big Combo Thursday 18th February 1982 Broderick Smiths Big Combo
Friday 19th February 1982 Jeff St John Band

Late show

Stormy Monday Saturday 20th February 1982 Stormy Monday

Late show

Kevin Borich Express Thursday 25th February 1982 Kevin Borich Express
Dynamic Hepnotics Friday 26th February 1982 Dynamic Hepnotics
Friday 19th March 1982 Peter Cupples Band
Saturday 20th March 1982 The Foster Brothers

As John Dallimore & Foster Bros

Men At Work Tuesday 20th April 1982 Men At Work
Dear Enemy Friday 23rd April 1982 Dear Enemy
Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons Friday 23rd April 1982 Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons
Dear Enemy Friday 14th May 1982 Dear Enemy
The Dugites Friday 21st May 1982 The Dugites