28 Gigs

The Esplanade

St Kilda, VIC

28 Known Gigs for Bananas

Date Band
Cold Chisel Saturday 19th November 1977 Cold Chisel

Late show.

Cold Chisel Thursday 19th January 1978 Cold Chisel
Ayers Rock Friday 24th February 1978 Ayers Rock
Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs Friday 24th February 1978 Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs
Saturday 25th February 1978 Parachute
Ronnie Peel aka Rockwell T James Saturday 25th February 1978 Ronnie Peel aka Rockwell T James

Performed as Rockwell T James & The Rhythm Aces

Monday 27th February 1978 One Night Stand
Phil Manning Tuesday 28th February 1978 Phil Manning
Wednesday 1st March 1978 Texas
Wednesday 1st March 1978 Stealer
Thursday 2nd March 1978 Last Chance Cafe
Mondo Rock Friday 3rd March 1978 Mondo Rock
Stars Saturday 4th March 1978 Stars
Cold Chisel Friday 10th March 1978 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Saturday 8th April 1978 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Sunday 11th June 1978 Cold Chisel
The Angels Friday 15th September 1978 The Angels

Late show

Cold Chisel Thursday 30th November 1978 Cold Chisel
Saturday 10th February 1979 Jim Keays Band
Thursday 14th June 1979 Jim Keays Band
Friday 15th June 1979 Sneak Preview
Mondo Rock Friday 15th June 1979 Mondo Rock
Saturday 16th June 1979 Magic
Saturday 19th July 1980 The Leftovers
Saturday 19th July 1980 Hot Club

Late show

INXS Friday 15th August 1980 INXS
Friday 26th February 1982 Liquid Engineers
Thursday 25th March 1982 Liquid Engineers