Phil Manning

Phil Manning Phil Manning was born in 1948 in Devonport, Tasmania

Phil Manning is known to have been a member of 8 bands

Name Instruments Period
Chain Chain Guitar 1968 - (More...)
The Band Of Talabene The Band Of Talabene Guitar/Vocals 1972 - 1972 (More...)
Levi Smith's Clefs Levi Smith's Clefs Guitar 1972 - 1972 (More...)
Friends Guitar 1972 - 1972 (More...)
Thump'n Pig and Puff'n Billy Thump'n Pig and Puff'n Billy Guitar 1973 - 1973 (More...)
John Paul Young and The All Stars John Paul Young and The All Stars Guitar 1977 - 1977 (More...)
Phil Manning Band Guitar, Vocals (More...)
Phil Manning's Rock & Roll Trio (More...)

5 Known Gigs for Phil Manning

Date Venue City
Sunbury Pop Festival, Sunbury. VIC Saturday 29th January 1972 Sunbury Pop Festival Sunbury, VIC
Sunday 30th January 1972 Meadows Technicolour Fair

Warren Morgan on Keyboards

Meadows, SA
Hard Rock Cafe, Melbourne. VIC Friday 11th October 1974 Hard Rock Cafe Melbourne, VIC
Prospect Hill Hotel, Kew. VIC Saturday 25th February 1978 Prospect Hill Hotel Kew, VIC
Tuesday 28th February 1978 Bananas St Kilda, VIC