Strawberry Hills Hotel

34 Gigs

Strawberry Hills, NSW

34 Known Gigs for Strawberry Hills Hotel

Date Band
Sunday 3rd July 1983 JFK & The Cuban Crisis
X Tuesday 5th July 1983 X
The Triffids Wednesday 6th July 1983 The Triffids
The Johnnys Thursday 7th July 1983 The Johnnys
Sekret Sekret Tuesday 12th July 1983 Sekret Sekret
Wednesday 13th July 1983 The Introverts
Mustard Club Friday 22nd July 1983 Mustard Club
The Beasts Of Bourbon Sunday 24th July 1983 The Beasts Of Bourbon
The Celibate Rifles Monday 25th July 1983 The Celibate Rifles
Friday 5th August 1983 Groove Yard
Monday 8th August 1983 Lighthouse Keepers
X Tuesday 9th August 1983 X
Monday 15th August 1983 Lighthouse Keepers
The Triffids Tuesday 16th August 1983 The Triffids
Saturday 20th August 1983 Passing Strangers
Saturday 20th August 1983 Samurai Trash
Monday 22nd August 1983 Lighthouse Keepers
Tuesday 23rd August 1983 The Scientists
Sekret Sekret Sunday 28th August 1983 Sekret Sekret
Monday 29th August 1983 Lighthouse Keepers
Electric Pandas Thursday 15th December 1983 Electric Pandas
Friday 16th December 1983 Soggy Porridge
The Triffids Wednesday 28th December 1983 The Triffids
Thursday 29th December 1983 Groove Yard
Lime Spiders Friday 7th September 1984 Lime Spiders
Monday 1st October 1984 The Cuckoos
Friday 19th April 1985 Melting Skyscrapers
Psychotic Turnbuckles Friday 19th April 1985 Psychotic Turnbuckles
X Saturday 20th April 1985 X
Sunday 21st April 1985 Craven Fops