Revesby Workers Club

69 Gigs

2B Brett Street

Revesby, NSW

69 Known Gigs for Revesby Workers Club

Date Band
The Angels Friday 5th April 1991 The Angels
Friday 30th June 1995 Party Pigs
The Lonely Hearts Friday 11th July 1997 The Lonely Hearts
The Angels Friday 24th February 2012 The Angels
Black Label Friday 24th February 2012 Black Label
Krazy Kat Friday 2nd March 2018 Krazy Kat

Performed in the Infinity Bar

The Screaming Jets Saturday 15th September 2018 The Screaming Jets
Boom Crash Opera Saturday 15th September 2018 Boom Crash Opera
Rose Tattoo Friday 22nd April 2022 Rose Tattoo