Mosman Hotel

634 Military Road

Mosman, NSW

Mosman Hotel, Mosman. NSW

62 Known Gigs for Mosman Hotel

Date Band
Spy Vs Spy Thursday 4th August 1983 Spy Vs Spy
Saturday 6th August 1983 Spectre's Revenge
The Johnnys Saturday 6th August 1983 The Johnnys
Hoodoo Gurus Wednesday 10th August 1983 Hoodoo Gurus
Thursday 18th August 1983 Ragadoll
Thursday 18th August 1983 The Scientists
Saturday 20th August 1983 Mysterons
Friday 26th August 1983 Sea Monsters
Friday 26th August 1983 Flotsam Jetsam
Q.E.D. Saturday 27th August 1983 Q.E.D.
Friday 9th September 1983 Zulu Rattle
Friday 9th September 1983 The Scientists
Friday 18th November 1983 The Scientists
Deckchairs Overboard Wednesday 14th December 1983 Deckchairs Overboard
Wednesday 14th December 1983 Fiction Romance
The Celibate Rifles Thursday 29th December 1983 The Celibate Rifles
INXS Sunday 1st January 1984 INXS
Wednesday 5th September 1984 Melting Skyscrapers
Psychotic Turnbuckles Wednesday 5th September 1984 Psychotic Turnbuckles
Thursday 6th September 1984 Spector's Revenge
Thursday 6th September 1984 Decline Of The Reptiles
Friday 7th September 1984 Died Pretty
Friday 7th September 1984 Box Of Fish
Saturday 8th September 1984 The Cuckoos
Amazing Wooloomooloosers Saturday 8th September 1984 Amazing Wooloomooloosers
The Johnnys Sunday 7th October 1984 The Johnnys
Sunday 25th November 1984 The Moodists
Happy Hate Me Nots Saturday 20th April 1985 Happy Hate Me Nots
Saturday 20th April 1985 Labradogs
Psychotic Turnbuckles Friday 26th April 1985 Psychotic Turnbuckles