Miranda Hotel - Carmens

Miranda Hotel - Carmens, Miranda. NSW 53 Gigs

590 The Kingsway

Miranda, NSW

53 Known Gigs for Miranda Hotel - Carmens

Date Band
Saturday 6th October 1984 Grong Grong
The Johnnys Saturday 6th October 1984 The Johnnys
Monday 26th November 1984 The Moodists
Friday 19th April 1985 Mataquali Music
Saturday 20th April 1985 Jeremy Oxley's Chinless Elite
Saturday 20th April 1985 Big 5
Saturday 20th April 1985 Do.Re.Mi
Friday 26th April 1985 Zipps
Psychotic Turnbuckles Saturday 27th April 1985 Psychotic Turnbuckles
Lime Spiders Saturday 27th April 1985 Lime Spiders
The Screaming Tribesmen Saturday 27th April 1985 The Screaming Tribesmen
Friday 2nd August 1985 Storytellers
Friday 2nd August 1985 Forever Fifteen
Friday 2nd August 1985 Non Stop Dancers
Wednesday 7th October 1987 The Eddys
Vegimite Reggae Wednesday 9th March 1988 Vegimite Reggae
Wednesday 16th March 1988 Zipps
The Booze Brothers Wednesday 23rd March 1988 The Booze Brothers
Wednesday 6th April 1988 Zipps
The Generation Wednesday 18th January 1989 The Generation
Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) Friday 17th February 2017 Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)
Boom Crash Opera Friday 14th September 2018 Boom Crash Opera
The Screaming Jets Friday 14th September 2018 The Screaming Jets