Last Picture Show

Last Picture Show, Cronulla. NSW 16 Gigs

Cronulla St

Cronulla, NSW

16 Known Gigs for Last Picture Show

Date Band
Band Of Light Friday 21st June 1974 Band Of Light
Friday 21st June 1974 Chariot
The 69'ers Friday 21st June 1974 The 69'ers
AC/DC Saturday 22nd June 1974 AC/DC
Bakery Saturday 22nd June 1974 Bakery
Band Of Light Saturday 22nd June 1974 Band Of Light
Finch/Contraband Sunday 23rd June 1974 Finch/Contraband
AC/DC Sunday 23rd June 1974 AC/DC
Sherbet Saturday 29th June 1974 Sherbet
AC/DC Saturday 29th June 1974 AC/DC
Stevie Wright Saturday 29th June 1974 Stevie Wright
AC/DC Sunday 30th June 1974 AC/DC
Finch/Contraband Sunday 30th June 1974 Finch/Contraband
Sherbet Sunday 30th June 1974 Sherbet
AC/DC Sunday 14th July 1974 AC/DC
AC/DC Sunday 11th August 1974 AC/DC