Hurstville Civic Centre

Hurstville, NSW

Hurstville Civic Centre, Hurstville. NSW

18 Known Gigs for Hurstville Civic Centre

Date Band
 Little River Band Saturday 4th October 1975 Little River Band
Saturday 13th March 1976 Felonious Monk
Saturday 13th March 1976 Shute
AC/DC Saturday 13th March 1976 AC/DC
 Little River Band Saturday 10th April 1976 Little River Band
Ol '55 Saturday 22nd May 1976 Ol '55
Cold Chisel Saturday 4th September 1976 Cold Chisel
Skyhooks Saturday 11th December 1976 Skyhooks

With Hot Sally

Ol '55 Saturday 16th April 1977 Ol '55
Skyhooks Saturday 4th June 1977 Skyhooks
Rose Tattoo Saturday 10th December 1977 Rose Tattoo
The Hitmen Friday 2nd February 1979 The Hitmen
Midnight Oil Friday 2nd February 1979 Midnight Oil
Mi-Sex Friday 2nd February 1979 Mi-Sex
Dynamic Hepnotics Sunday 7th August 1983 Dynamic Hepnotics
Sunday 7th August 1983 Curly
The Allniters Sunday 7th August 1983 The Allniters
Electric Pandas Friday 2nd May 1986 Electric Pandas