12 Gigs

Manly, NSW

12 Known Gigs for Flicks

Date Band
Cold Chisel Friday 29th September 1978 Cold Chisel
Dragon Saturday 10th February 1979 Dragon
The Angels Thursday 15th February 1979 The Angels
Doug Parkinson Friday 16th February 1979 Doug Parkinson
Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs Friday 16th March 1979 Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs
Cold Chisel Thursday 29th March 1979 Cold Chisel
Jimmy And The Boys Friday 20th July 1979 Jimmy And The Boys
Australian Crawl Tuesday 21st August 1979 Australian Crawl

Supporting The Knack.

Mondo Rock Tuesday 21st August 1979 Mondo Rock

Supporting The Knack.

Supernaut Friday 7th September 1979 Supernaut
Jimmy And The Boys Saturday 8th September 1979 Jimmy And The Boys
Cold Chisel Saturday 15th September 1979 Cold Chisel