Auburn RSL Club

Auburn, NSW

Auburn RSL Club, Auburn. NSW

AKA Stags Nightclub

15 Known Gigs for Auburn RSL Club

Date Band
The Cyril B. Bunter Band Friday 5th September 1986 The Cyril B. Bunter Band
The Bleach Boys Saturday 6th September 1986 The Bleach Boys
Friday 12th September 1986 Rivals
Saturday 13th September 1986 The Rolling Clones
Friday 19th September 1986 Imaginary Boys
The Zarsoff Brothers Saturday 20th September 1986 The Zarsoff Brothers
Ol '55 Saturday 27th September 1986 Ol '55
Easy Money Friday 2nd October 1987 Easy Money
Cliche Saturday 3rd October 1987 Cliche
Saturday 5th March 1988 Sons Of Beaches
The Generation Saturday 2nd April 1988 The Generation
The Generation Friday 23rd September 1988 The Generation
Friday 13th January 1989 Swingshift
The Generation Saturday 14th January 1989 The Generation
Saturday 21st January 1989 Clearance Creedwater