Annandale Hotel

Cnr Nelson & Parramatta Roads

Annandale, NSW

Annandale Hotel, Annandale. NSW

55 Known Gigs for Annandale Hotel

Date Band
Monday 20th December 1993 Josh Morris
Monday 20th December 1993 The Medicine Men
Tuesday 21st December 1993 The Drunk, The Monk & The Spunk
Tumbleweed Wednesday 22nd December 1993 Tumbleweed
Wednesday 22nd December 1993 Those Amazing Trousers
Wednesday 22nd December 1993 Full Tab
Thursday 23rd December 1993 The Verys
Thursday 23rd December 1993 Fruitworld
Friday 24th December 1993 Glovebox
Friday 24th December 1993 Crow
Sunday 26th December 1993 Front End Loader
Sunday 26th December 1993 Frenzal Rhomb
Friday 31st December 1993 Hoss
Friday 31st December 1993 Kim Salmon & The Surrealists
Saturday 1st January 1994 Kim Salmon & The Surrealists
Saturday 1st January 1994 Hoss
Friday 15th July 2005 Gazoonga Attack
The Hard Ons Friday 15th July 2005 The Hard Ons
Skyhooks Tuesday 13th September 2005 Skyhooks

Steve Hill Benefit Show

The Thought Criminals Saturday 4th February 2006 The Thought Criminals

One off gig to promote the CD release of Chrono-Logical an Anthology of Thought Criminals recordings

The Thought Criminals Friday 2nd February 2007 The Thought Criminals

Supporting TV Smith from UK band The Adverts

The Hitmen Friday 8th August 2008 The Hitmen
Saturday 26th September 2009 Nitocris
Black Label Thursday 30th June 2011 Black Label
The Angels Thursday 30th June 2011 The Angels
Psychotic Turnbuckles Saturday 30th November 2013 Psychotic Turnbuckles