Ainslie Rex Hotel

11 Gigs

Ainslie, ACT

11 Known Gigs for Ainslie Rex Hotel

Date Band
Loaded Dice Sunday 4th November 1979 Loaded Dice
Saturday 19th January 1980 West End

With The Clones

The Clones Saturday 19th January 1980 The Clones
Sherbet Tuesday 26th February 1980 Sherbet
Loaded Dice Sunday 2nd March 1980 Loaded Dice
The Clones Sunday 16th March 1980 The Clones
Skyhooks Tuesday 25th March 1980 Skyhooks
INXS Sunday 6th July 1980 INXS
INXS Thursday 9th October 1980 INXS
Riptides Sunday 2nd November 1980 Riptides
Redgum Sunday 23rd November 1980 Redgum