The Raven EP LP Vol 2

The Raven EP LP Vol 2 by The Easybeats

The Easybeats released the Album The Raven EP LP Vol 2 in 1982. It was released through the Raven Records label as catalogue number: RVLP-06

1. Coke Jingle 1966 [to the tune 'Come and See Her']
2. Find My Way Back Home [recorded for a 1965 TV spot]
3. Mean Old Lovin'
4. I'm Happy
5. Hey Babe
6. I Don't Agree
7. Keep Your Hands Off My Babe
8. No One Knows
9. Interview/Coke Ads [to the tune 'Sorry']


1. All Gone Boy [out-take from the UK 'Good Friday' LP]
2. Hound Dog [released on the German LP 'The Easybeats' 1967]
3. I'm Just Trying [Central Sound demo, 1968]
4. Look Out I'm On The Way Down [Central Sound demo, 1968]
5. Mandy [from the unreleased first UK Abbey Road sessions]
6. Where Did You Go Last Night [from '67 Olympic sessions for 'scrapped' 2nd UK LP]
7. Little Red Bucket [Central Sound demo, 1968]
8. Watch Me Burn [Central Sound demo, 1968]