Aunty Jack Sings Wollongong

Aunty Jack Sings Wollongong by Aunty Jack & The 'Gong Aunty Jack & The 'Gong released the Album Aunty Jack Sings Wollongong in April 1975. It was released through the Polydor label as catalogue number: 2907012

1. Rip Off
2. I've Been Everywhere
3. The Kid Eager
4. Doin' The Aunty Jack
5. Man Of 1000 Faces
6. The Last Refrain
7. Veggie Queen
8. Wollongong The Brave

1. Wollongong The Brave Revisited
2. Head Of The Pack
3. Spider's Bucks Lunch
4. Ri Fol Bird, Ri Fol Raspberry, Ri Fol Tit
5. Don"t Take It Off
6. What"s On In Wollongong
7. Snowy Aloha
8. Tarzan Super Ape
9. Fish Shakes
10. The Western Lady
11. Aunty Jack 'N' The Box
12. Farewell Aunty Jack
13. Nagasaki Blues