The Prisoners

The Prisoners were a short lived Sydney based Punk Rock band that emerged soon after Punk Rock band Rocks had disbanded.

Bill Webb (a.k.a. Bill Posters) in early 1979 had approached his fellow Rocks' guitarist Peter Davie and drummer Greg Morris with the idea of putting a new Punk Rock band together. His idea was not to resurrect Rocks but for the new band to have it's own identity and therefore a new name was needed.

Also needing a bass player to complete the line up, a friend of Bill's Ian Olive came on board and The Prisoners were born. The band rehearsed and then made a demo, recording straight to tape on 16th July 1979. The band had played only a few gigs when Peter unexpectedly announced he was going to Queensland to live and the band became a three piece.

Soon after this Ian left the band and it looked as though it would only be short lived and unfortunately this was the case with The Prisoners disbanding in late 1979.

The Prisoners has 4 known members

Name Instruments Period
Bill Webb aka Bill Posters Bill Webb aka Bill Posters Guitar/Vocals 1979 - 1979
Ian Olive Bass 1979 - 1979
Peter Davie Peter Davie Guitar/Vocals 1979 - 1979
Greg Morris Greg Morris Drums/Vocals 1979 - 1979