Sydney based Punk Rock band from 1977 - Present

Rocks has 6 known members

Name Instruments Period
Bill Webb aka Bill Posters Bill Webb aka Bill Posters Lead Vocals/Guitar

Lead Vocals/Drums - Line-Up One

Lead Vocals - Line-Up Two

Lead Vocals/Guitar - Present

1977 -
Peter Davie Peter Davie Guitar/Vocals/Bass

Bass - Present

1977 -
Steve Vanderschoot Steve Vanderschoot Bass/Lead Vocals 1977 - 2018
Greg Morris Greg Morris Drums/Vocals 1978 - 1978
Miles Mcmiles "Bibs" Miles Mcmiles "Bibs" Drums
Nasser Sultan Nasser Sultan Drums

Credits and people associated with Rocks

Name Role Details
Laurie Brown Manager

Rocks discography - 1 recording

Cover Title Type Release Year First Charted High Pos.
You'r So Boring by Rocks You'r So Boring
EP 1978

34 Known Gigs for Rocks

Date Venue City
Petersham Inn - Max's, Petersham. NSW Saturday 12th March 1988 Petersham Inn - Max's Petersham, NSW
Selina's - Coogee Bay Hotel, Coogee. NSW Friday 8th April 1988 Selina's - Coogee Bay Hotel Coogee, NSW
Vic On The Park Hotel, Marrickville. NSW Saturday 28th April 2007 Vic On The Park Hotel

Re-Union gig of 1978 Line-Up.

Marrickville, NSW
The Bald Face Stag Hotel, Leichhardt. NSW Friday 19th April 2013 The Bald Face Stag Hotel

Re-Union gig of 1978 Line-Up.

Leichhardt, NSW


7 Videos for Rocks

You'r So Boring (Full EP)

Migraine Headache

Kamikaze Twist

Suburban Soldiers


2JJ Radio Ad Paris Theatre

The Final Assault 1982