Seaview Ballroom

47 Gigs

St Kilda, VIC

47 Known Gigs for Seaview Ballroom

Date Band
Strange Tenants Saturday 13th November 1982 Strange Tenants
Saturday 20th November 1982 The Scientists
INXS Wednesday 24th November 1982 INXS
Saturday 23rd July 1983 The Laughing Clowns
Friday 29th July 1983 The Scientists
The Celibate Rifles Saturday 13th August 1983 The Celibate Rifles
The Little Heroes Thursday 13th October 1983 The Little Heroes
Matt Finish Friday 16th December 1983 Matt Finish
Wednesday 21st December 1983 Depression
The Triffids Friday 6th January 1984 The Triffids
Friday 26th April 1985 Another Script
Friday 26th April 1985 The Wreckery
X Wednesday 1st May 1985 X
Thursday 2nd May 1985 Cattletruck
Saturday 2nd August 1986 Party Girls
Saturday 2nd August 1986 Porcelain Bus
Saturday 11th October 1986 Cosmic Psychos