Mt. Erica Hotel

Mt. Erica Hotel , Prahran. VIC 9 Gigs

420 High Street

Prahran, VIC

9 Known Gigs for Mt. Erica Hotel

Date Band
Cold Chisel Monday 5th April 1976 Cold Chisel

Evening show

 Little River Band Wednesday 28th April 1976 Little River Band
Cold Chisel Friday 27th August 1976 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Friday 10th September 1976 Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel Friday 15th October 1976 Cold Chisel
The Go Betweens Saturday 27th February 1982 The Go Betweens
The Triffids Friday 16th July 1982 The Triffids
Saturday 24th July 1982 The Moodists
Deckchairs Overboard Saturday 20th November 1982 Deckchairs Overboard